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Friday, 6 May 2011

Mondragon 'The Awakened Mountain EP' (2*0*1*1*)available now

Lost Climbers have stumbled back to civilisation, in their delirium they rave forth tales of...'The
Awakened Mountain'. Sweet, abstract tones that tell of a madness so unhinged, that the merest glimpse, in a mirror, out of the corner of the minds eye, are enough to strike down the bravest of souls, and cause the quailing of Tyrants.
(available as bit-encoded missive from the Technuus Gods).
Forged in the core of a Dormant Volcano, pressure compressed a fuzz-drenched ingot of trippy noise, with Breakin' and Steppin' beats, that fuzed within the Miasmic Vapours of Freak Soundwaves, that pour forth from the craters on...The Awakened Mountain.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Goldry Bluszco (2nd session mix)

As Spring brings forth new life, so also do the creative wellsprings of the mind fill up afresh. So here as the metaphorical tale of Goldry Bluszco, recast in a narrative-free abstract manner, as golden waves.


Goldry Bluszco (2nd Session mix) by Mondragon