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Friday, 6 May 2011

Mondragon 'The Awakened Mountain EP' (2*0*1*1*)available now

Lost Climbers have stumbled back to civilisation, in their delirium they rave forth tales of...'The
Awakened Mountain'. Sweet, abstract tones that tell of a madness so unhinged, that the merest glimpse, in a mirror, out of the corner of the minds eye, are enough to strike down the bravest of souls, and cause the quailing of Tyrants.
(available as bit-encoded missive from the Technuus Gods).
Forged in the core of a Dormant Volcano, pressure compressed a fuzz-drenched ingot of trippy noise, with Breakin' and Steppin' beats, that fuzed within the Miasmic Vapours of Freak Soundwaves, that pour forth from the craters on...The Awakened Mountain.

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